Hot Tub Boat – The Best Hot Tub in Seattle

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Hot tub boat - the best hot tub in seattle

What’s better than relaxing in a hot tub? It’s relaxing in a hot tub boat. You read that right, there are hot tub boats in Seattle meaning there is a hot tub in a boat! We went out for a couple of hours back in April exploring Lake Union here in Seattle partnering with Hot Tub Boats. All of their boats are handcrafted in Ballard and we love to support local businesses. We drove our own boat and it was very easy! The team member gave a brief, yet thorough explanation about how everything works, what to do, and what not to do when we’re out with the boat. They are open all-year-round every day of the week in 2, 3, and 4-hour time slots.

We purposely went out in the evening so we could catch the sunset. We were fortunate that we had a clear sky, comfortable temperature, and a beautiful sunset!

Hot tub boat - sunset view of Gas Works Park

Perfect view of Gas Works Park

We arrived at the Hot Tub Boats office a little before 7 pm. There is free parking by their office after 4 pm, so that was an added bonus. They have a heated changing room in the office that we used before and after taking out the boat. Bins and dry box provided for belongings that we wanted to leave in the office or take with us to the boat.

These were the things that we brought with us:

  • Swimsuit: nudity is not allowed, so wear a comfortable swimwear for your hot tub boat session
  • Dry bag: we brought a dry bag to keep our belongings dry and kept it in the storage compartment on the boat
  • Sandals
  • Water bottle: we are trying our best to eliminate plastic use, so we brought our own water bottles. However, they also provided some on the boat if you don’t have any
  • Quick-dry towel: a quick-dry towel was very handy to use after the boat ride, we have this one from REI
  • Change of clothes
  • Camera
  • Go-Pro
  • Tripod
  • Timer for our camera

Procedures to use the hot tub boat:

Before we went out on the boat, we needed to sign waiver forms. Next, a team member from Hot Tub Boats gave us a briefing and showed us the different features of the boat.

Hot tub boat - view of Downtown Seattle

View of Downtown Seattle

Here are the things we love about Hot Tub Boats:

  • We can relax in a hot tub and also explore Lake Union at the same time
  • The water stays hot the whole time! They keep it at 104 F
  • There were bluetooth radio and speakers on the boat. We connected the radio to our phone and we listened to different songs the whole time we were out on the boat
  • The boat has storage compartments where you can store the belongings that you bring to the boat
  • There are a map and emergency contact information on the boat
  • Hot tub boats can fit up to six people, so we have the options to go out with family/friends
  • Any person over 18 are allowed to drive the boat
  • The Hot Tub Boats office has a heated changing room, warm shower, and also soap and shampoo to use before and after we took out the boat
  • Last but not least, the friendly team member that made our experience even better!

We were out for about two hours and that was a perfect amount of time for us. We had the opportunity to see the houseboats in Lake Union, the skyline of Downtown Seattle, Gas Works Park, and Highway 99 bridge (perfect spot to see the sunset over the Olympic mountains!)

It costs $350 for two hours and $100 for each additional hour. We highly recommend that you make a reservation because going out on a hot tub boat is weather dependent. The team member always kept us updated with wind conditions and that helped us in getting really great weather when we finally went out with our hot tub boat. Enjoy your time out in a hot tub boat and #soakintheseanery!


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